The team consists of a few individuals who have a great passion for outdoors.  The Columbia River brings us together because of the world class whitewater paddling that lay in the tributaries all the way from the source to the sea. As part of our way of life we all strive for a better existence. In 1937 when the waters rose on the Columbia backing up behind the Bonneville Dam, the way of life in the Columbia River Gorge was forever changed due to the demand of hydroelectric energy. Now we will embark on the longest multi-day trip of our lives to showcase the impact of large hydro projects, make accurate reports of the changing land due to man kind, and find out what we can do to push the Columbia River drainage, as well as other river systems around the world, into a less-impacted positive direction for future generations of wildlife and mankind.


Ryan Scott (Hood River, OR)
has called the Columbia River Gorge home since 1999 when he decide that the bigger adventures await out west. After almost a decade of living and exploring in and around the Columbia River Gorge he has paddled most of the tributaries in the Columbia Gorge as well as logged more than 700 runs on the infamous Little White Salmon River. Luckily Ryan was able to break away from his constant work on the Northwest Video Scrapbook series and will be documenting the Columbia Experience.


Paul Gamache (Arcata, CA)

spent most of his time growing up in California with many road trips to the Columbia River area as an avid rafter and whitewater kayaker.  He is now focused on organizing a national whitewater racing association and helps non-profit organizations such as American Whitewater and the Sun Catchers Project. We are still wondering how much he will be smiling after rowing his cataraft nearly 1,300 miles.



Keel Brightman (Hood River, OR)

Keel Brightman has spent a lot of time on or near the Columbia River. Living outside of Hood River, OR Keel makes a living guiding and sharing his amazing photos with anyone interested. For more on Keel, his photography, and take on paddling the entire Columbia River go to:

Keel Brightman Photography






Cody Howard (Bellingham, WA)
I’m not sure how we got the Huckin Huge ambassador to help out with a 1,300 mile flatwater trip, but his expertise will be greatly welcomed! Cody has lived most of his life in the dry & hot conditions of Arizona before moving to the PNW in mid 2008. Si

nce then Cody has been exploring non stop & soaking up all he can learn about this area and what it has to offer! Cody will be our eyes and ears off the water by constantly updating our progress and keeping track of us throughout the entire trip before joining us at the Kennewick Party for the rest of the on water expedition.

lanayoung51Lana Young (Hood River, OR) grew up in Colorado, spending most of her time on in the mountains she was eventually drawn to whitewater kayaking. Lana also has an impressive library of photographs from around the world and she will be joining us throughout the trip to help document the expedition.


Rita Riewerts (Arcata, CA)
is the founder and president of the Sun Catchers Project.  SCP’s goal is to spread knowledge of solar cooking throughout developing countries, ultimately eliminating deforestation and the countless hours spent on finding fire wood by African villagers.  Rita has donated one of the Sun Catchers Project’s solar ovens to the expedition and will also be joining the team on the water from Kennewick to Hood River.

Keel Brightman:


  1. Keel Brightman just stopped by my boat about an hour ago he was heading down Lake Roosevelt
    about 3 miles from the Y at 2 Rivers Casino and Fort Spokane area. He was doing well and I gave him some food to keep moving. Weather was clear 38 degree F. Little Wind; Supposed to gradually warm the next several days to Coulee Dam area into the 40’s-50’s.


  2. Helped Paul load the big raft onto a trailer to portage around Chief Joe Dam. Hope they stop in Pateros this PM to get help around Wells Dam. Otherwise they could be stranded for a while. While I miss the rapids and flowing Columbia River from 60 years ago I still think the dams are a good source of hydroelectric production. Anyway have fun all!

  3. I just met Keel this morning as I was walking my dog, he was being interviewed by a Wenatchee World reporter…what a surprised to come to our regular romping beach to find a tent and coffee brewing!

    I’m looking forward to following the rest of your journey!

  4. ran into keel along the river in wenatchee. interesting to talk with him about his trip. hope all goes well…

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