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Given the time, length, exposure, dams, portages, ect….there is a lot of skepticism on if the team will make it. So the bets have been arranged, Who will drop out first? All proceeds go to the above organizations!!!
If you are correct and your paddler drops out first, you are entered into a raffle to win $50, a copy of Northwest Scrapbook #8 and a copy of Huckin Huge’s film THE RISEN SUN! # Bets are in $10 increments. Up the quantity if you would like to bet more!!!

Another fundraiser aspect we are doing is through Keel’s Photography:
Click Here to help support the Columbia Experience Expedition


The Columbia Experience Team is proud to donate all proceeds to the following Non-Profit Organizations, each consistently work hard to protect the environment. Join the Experience – Donate Today.


  1. Wild photos…. brrrr…those dry suits look like the ‘tits’, as keel would say… though. Keep warm guys!! PS..having trouble getting on the subcription for daily updates. CAn seem to log onto Live with google account.. I’ll keep trying. i am going to post the updates on my site. hope it adds to your following.
    big hugs xoxox Keel’s Mom.

  2. I heard Eric Degman, is a pest control expert (beavers)?? I have a beaver problem on property in Chelan, on the creek where a dam is now out of control. If a message could be relayed for his services that would be appreciated.
    Bob Odom

  3. When I Search for Libby Dam, your site comes up. But you do not have
    info or pictures about our headwater River. Do you have something against
    Montana Water?

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