Posted by: Columbia River | July 12, 2011


In March of 2009 a group of 3 paddlers embarked on the longest self-support journey of their lives. The focus of the trip was to raise awareness of a once free flowing river that currently holds more dams than any other river drainage in the world and to document the impact on the Columbia River from previous ways of life to present day water quality throughout the 1,243 miles of river.

The trip didn’t go exactly as planned but when is that not the case. This website is a work in progress and over time will aim to give a complete overview of the Columbia River from the source deep in British Columbia, Canada, to Astoria, OR at the Pacific Ocean. Thank you to all our sponsors and friends who made this journey possible.

The trip was divided into two parts. Revelstoke to Astoria during March and April of 2009 and then back to the source during two weeks in June 2010.

Click on the map below for write-ups on each section.

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